School Update-October 14, 2020

For the information of the public.


On Tuesday, October 13, 2020, the Saskatchewan Health Authority informed Regina Public Schools of two students with COVID-19 at Harbour Landing School. All families in the two affected classrooms were notified by the school division and asked to pick up their kids yesterday. All school families were also contacted by letter.


School resumed today, October 14. However, the two affected classrooms are closed today. The students from those two classrooms will be staying home and participating in remote learning until October 21st. This is a 14 day period from point of last contact.  The school has been cleaned and sanitized as per Public Health requirements.


Any individual, student or staff member who may be considered a direct contact has been or will be contacted by Saskatchewan Health Authority. According to SHA, a direct contact is someone who was within six feet (two metres) for more than 15 minutes.


Regina Public Schools will continue to act quickly to inform parents and to minimize the health and safety risk to students and staff caused by COVID-19 in all our schools and buildings. These actions may include closing a school, or a classroom for a short period of time, or for the required 14 days. These decisions are made by the school division in consultation with Public Health.


This notice serves as a good reminder that if anyone in your family is experiencing symptoms, please stay home and contact 811 for direction. For a description of symptoms, please visit: