Weather Clothing Reminder

With the recent arrival of winter weather, and a cold snap on the horizon, it is a good time to remind everyone that winter safety is important! All students need to be dressed appropriately for the weather. When temperatures dip, we recommend that all students have a good winter coat, ski pants or long underwear, gloves or mitts, a toque or hood, and boots. A scarf may also assist to keep students' faces warm. Please remember to have your child(ren)'s name on all of their clothing and in their boots!

If your child takes that bus, they do have to be dressed appropriately for the weather. Students may be refused bus service if the driver deems that they are not dressed appropriately and their safety is at risk in the event of a mechanical failure on the bus. 

At EHLS, we will go outside for recesses if the temperatures are around -25 Celsius. When temperatures are cooler, staff will allow students to enter into the boot rooms to warm up. Wearing appropriate clothing will ensure that our students are safe and comfortable! Thank you for ensuring that your child(ren) have appropriate and safe winter clothing!