Refunds - Lunch and Band Fees

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the cancellation of classes, school events, and school activities, École Harbour Landing School and Regina Public Schools are currently processing fee refunds for elementary school activities. These refunds will cover events through to the end of June, 2020. If anything changes, based on the direction of the Provincial Response Planning Team, we will adjust accordingly.

By the end of May, ÉHLS parents can expect to receive:  

  • A refund of lunch supervision fees and band program fees for the period starting March 20, 2020 (when classes were cancelled) through until the end of June for non bus families who paid this for the year.
  • A full refund of activity fees for planned events that did not occur, such as field trips and other activities.

Lunchroom Fee Refund

Yearly Fee


Full Time



Part Time

$ 50


Family Rate (2+children)






Band Fee Refund

Yearly Fee


Instrument Rental



Band Transportation



Families that paid their fees using School Cash, will be refunded through School Cash to the original source of payment (credit or debit card). You will receive an email confirming the refund amount and details. For families who paid by cash or cheque, the school’s administrative assistant will be in contact with you.

Refunds will be processed as quickly as possible; however, we have a large student population so we appreciate your patience! In the meantime, please log into your School Cash Account to ensure that you have paid any outstanding fees. If you have any questions, please email

Thank you,

EHLS Administration